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Learn the tools that will multiply your results, accelerate your vision, and connect you with your most abundant, influential self.


At the Ignition Immersion we spend 4 days in a transformational, psychologically safe container learning, practicing, and integrating a new leadership framework methodology that addresses the greatest challenge facing leadership today.

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Jennie Lok


NAR 30 Under 30, Leading One of the Bay Area's Highest Producing Real Estate Teams 

"Abundant has been an amazing program, network, and culture that has transformed my life in a more energy-rich and fulfilling way. I have been through multiple networking groups, coaching retreats such as Tony Robbins, and Abundant is an unrivaled experience here as it is intimate and more focused to provide a transformational experience. Through Abundant, I have been able to learn to leverage skills and be a leader where I became a top realtor at my company and doubled my business while taking more time off for vacations with family!"

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Constantine Johns


Regional Sales Director at Workiva


Being introduced to this group/environment changed my life. They opened my eyes to my highest potential. The ability to step into something better, to do more for this world and to share my gifts in serving others. I am constantly inspired and motivated by some of the most successful and influential people in the marketplace. Through their continuous leadership, guidance and support, they are developing the future leaders of our generation to interact from a place of abundance, alignment and authenticity. I would recommend this group to anymore who is truly committed to transforming their life and bettering the lives of others!

Ian Koniak


#1 Sales Representative at Salesforce

"Before Abundant, I was working long hours and grinding it out every day to hit my quota. After 2 years of working with Abundant, I've learned that there's virtually no limit to what I'm capable of as long as I'm working from an aligned place driven by purpose and impact every day."




CEO, Spekit
Forbes 30 Under 30


"Abundant empowers me to live and lead my business in a way I didn't know was possible."

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The highest achieving sales and tech leaders often find themselves overwhelmed, undertrained, and unfulfilled as they are stuck practicing an outdated and limited model for developing people and delivering sales results.

Thousands of people have gone through our Ignition immersions including Sam Taggart, Danny Pessy, Jennie Lok, Melanie Falley, Ian Koniak, Brandon Brown, John Israel, Jenna Donahue, Alex Kremer, Kyle Tucker, Andrew Evans, and more. People who have gone on to revolutionize their industries; from solar, to software to real estate... and impacted thousands of people along the way. Are you next?

The amount of tools, technology, time, and training money being spent trying to find incremental and unsustainable increases aren't addressing the real problem that is leaving even the highest of achievers (and their teams) short of their potential.

You are not an imposter. Let go of these old beliefs holding you back, and find the confidence to fully step into your leadership and shine. 


Working more and harder is not the answer. Burnout is real. You don't need to put off your loved ones, passions, or purpose to achieve your full potential.


At the Ignition Immersion, learn how to actualize your full potential and walk away with an actionable new blueprint for the way that you sell, lead, and think. 

Great. So what will I walk away with?

Find the key to becoming more influential with your family, team, and industry. Learn the 12 A's of Influence that will help you create win-win situations in your relationships. 

Creating a life from vision. Clarify your 10, 3, and 1 year vision and mission.

Feel inspired to move boldly on your path, and reconnect with your true self.

Reclaim your potential - the mandate to play big in this life that you’ve always felt and known, but haven’t always honored.

​Confidence to take meaningful action in your life despite fears, doubts, and insecurities.

​An enriched personal community with other impact-driven leaders who are committed to connection, growth, and expansion just like you.


Join Us In California:

A TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY where sales leaders gather to unlock their next level of achievement and alignment. Become more of who you are meant to be. Expand your idea of what you think is possible for yourself. Make a greater impact than you ever thought possible.

March 21st - 24th 2024


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Our Clients Say

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"I was always stuck in the top 10% - never in the top 1%. And I didn't realize that the top 1% had everything to do with myself. Abundant gave me the playbook to figure out who I really am in this life. And there's not really a dollar value that you can put on remembering who you are, and the impact that has on you. I tripled my income, it's given me generational wealth, it's given me freedom. 

Aaron Strazicich, 7 Figure Earner Leading Sales Teams at Paycom


Break free from the trap of scarcity driven leadership that keeps you and your people in a constant state of anxiety, overwhelm, and exhaustion.


Learn the 3 core pillars of abundant leadership that eliminates 90% of the guesswork, to double your quota in sales or leadership.

Adopt an abundant mindset. Don't let your circumstances hold you back from becoming who you are meant to be. Learn to see beyond your current reality into one that you LOVE.

Trade "work-life balance" for "work-life integration" so you can be all of who you are anywhere and everywhere with the people and passions that matter to you most.

Discover tools and technologies to build emotionally intelligent and psychologically safe environments that foster the high performing and longest sustaining teams and cultures in your industry.

Build real bonds with other authentic and vulnerable people who care about building the future of leadership as much as you do.

Leave feeling confident and committed to executing your 90 day plan for maximizing your impact in and outside of work.


We will be sharing our best secrets we've learned over the last decade, and giving you everything you need to catalyze your life into your most abundant possibility. 


A curated community of like-minded people to build deep connection, inspire, and challenge one another to step into greatness.


Practices to help integrate your learnings into your being. Knowledge alone is not enough. True change comes from the behavior upgrades that follow an identity shift.


We'll be in the beautiful Sundance Resort, one of the most renowned ski resorts in the country. Let nature insprie you. The mountains are calling.


Be nourished by our world-class chef team preparing an array of healthy and nourishing meals.


"After the Abundant Immersion, I've taken the first leap on my journey to becoming the best version of myself."
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Countdown to IGNITION!

Be Honest:
Are You A Good Leader?

The life you’ve built, the accomplishments you’ve stacked up, and the high-achieving spirit that made it all possible… They’ve created safety and success.


But are they now holding you back?


There’s a voice inside that’s pleading with you to move boldly into the next level of growth in your life, step into your full potential as a leader and:

Have confidence that you can become the version of yourself that your vision requires


Feel certain that what you’re doing everyday is aligned with why you’re here on this planet


Make an impact on the people and families you touch


Wake up inspired to show up for your mission, your team, and your clients 


Maximize the opportunities in front of you


Cultivate community that supports + challenges you to be the best version of yourself 

Your leadership is needed now. 


But it’s up to you to become a leader who honors themselves and takes the first step forward.


Are you ready?

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March 21st - 24th


Calling all growth-oriented leaders, entrepreneurs, and impact-seekers.

Ignition is for you if you.. 

  • Are crushing it in business, but know there is another level to your results, growth, and leadership.

  • Struggle to find support who can see a bigger path for yourself than you can, who can trustably guide you in your next steps

  • Feel unseen in the genius of your leadership, and crave a community of other leaders who bring out the best in you

  • Want MORE connection, depth, purpose, and results without having to DO more

  • Are going through a massive change and aren’t sure what to do next.

  • Want to accelerate your career path, achieve your goals, and be recognized for your work

  • Want to escape the daily grind and bring more meaning and impact to my life.

  • Are an entrepreneur with an endless to do list. Are overwhelmed and charging full speed ahead.

  • Are a leader developing leaders. You want your team to be self-sufficient, trustworthy, and productive.

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What to Expect at An Abundant Event...